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miranda and dom are the kind of classy couple that we all dream of. the kind you’d see in movies, ya know? if they needed a new gene kelly or grace kelly, these two would be the winners I’m pretty sure. not to mention the fact that they wanted their pictures taken in beautiful, wild, green ireland. as you guys all know (coz I harp on about it so darn much), familiar love is my very favourite. I love watching two people interact on such a deep, relaxed, warm level. there’s nothing she doesn’t know about him, there’s nothing he doesn’t know about her and yet as they continue to grow as humans, they learn new things about themselves and each other every single day. how is that even possible? I dunno. but it happens. and I’m pretty sure it’s my job to make sure I capture it. that’s right! you might as well call me a superhero! and might as well call these two celebrities, coz gosh darnit I’m gonna make sure they get signed onto an old hollywood film contract if it’s the last thing I do. 😉

keep living the dream folks!


p.s. come on over to instagram to say hi! I’m almost always hangin out there. @missjessy12



i love these! and i appreciate how you got all the in-between moments . . . you’re good at that 😉

Kari P.

Oh my gosh. This is perfection. I love the dark, almost stormy mood of these. Her dress is #goals. Great job capturing this!

Megan Janus

These are gorgeous!! My husband proposed to me in Ireland, so I definitely have a soft spot for this magical little country 🙂 Absolutely beautiful work!

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