Info + Investment

if you are a couple in long-time love who want to document your togetherness with an adventurous shoot in the mountains or over a disorganised brunch in your home or cuddling in your favourite coffee shop, then you should definitely email me or send me a poetry falcon, because I’m pretty sure it’s destiny that we meet. if you are having an intimate wedding and care more about making the day memorable (even if it means getting your dress muddy or dancing in the rain or jumping into the ocean) than the stresses of making the day “perfect”, then we will work wonderfully (fabulously even!) together! what are you waiting for? let’s book a session in! feel free to contact me to ask questions, say hi, check availability or get a more detailed price list!

my sessions are relaxed, informal, unposed, not in the least bit rushed, and usually end with either food or coffee (because all good things should end with either food or coffee amirite). there isn’t a time limit, so there is zero pressure to stick to any kind of clock. I ask questions, get you to ask each other questions, play music, dance, tell lotsa stupid jokes, and a lot of the time, I just stand back and let you love each other while I document quietly. sometimes, you might even completely forget I’m there, and I can pretty much promise you that you’ll have one heck of a good time!

couples sessions start at £400

wedding packages start at £1200