how would you describe your style? why should we book you over someone else?

I would describe my style as candid, intimate, genuine, and lil bit moody. I like my images to be romantic and close and drenched in love, I like my clients to be themselves and adore each other, and I like the whole experience to be hilarious and filled with laughter and adventurous and close to your heart. when you look at my images, I want you to see two people, not three! and, honestly, if you want to book someone else because you connect to them better, go for it! I want you to book me because you love my style. because you love my vision. because you can’t see anyone else photographing your session or wedding. I want you to book me because you connect with me as a person and trust me to capture your moments exactly how you imagined them. if you want to learn bit about me as person and photographer, read my about page, or come visit my instagram account!

how do we book?

first of all – hurray! I’m so happy you wanna book me to document your greatness/adorableness/togetherness! I cannot wait to meet you and hear your story. so, the first step is to head on over to my contact page and fill out the contact form! the more thoroughly you fill out the lil boxes on that form, the better I can get a feel for what kinda couple/family/person you are and what kinda session you want. try give me some information about you and your story and what sort of session you’re after (are you a couple in long-time love looking for a cosy anniversary session? or maybe you’re an engaged couple looking for a photographer for your mountain side elopement?), and then after you’ve sent that, I’ll get back to you with an excited email including all the information you need! prices, availability, locations, details, and a few questions about you. and after that? it’s all history.

do you shoot weddings or elopements?

yes, I do and I love to! I only book a certain amount of weddings each year, however, so if you want me to shoot your wedding, then it’s best to book quickly! so, if you’re having an intimate wedding (100 guests or less) or an elopement, and you care more about moments than details, contact me so I can give you a custom package for your special day! to give you an idea of pricing, packages start at £1200.

where are you located?

I’m located in the uk! I do shoots all over england, scotland, wales, ireland, and europe, but I’m hoping to expand that list this coming year! I’m currently living in london, but I will be travelling all over the world from the months of november 2017 – march 2018. my travel dates are on the home page (the list is always being updated) – if you’d like to book me while I’m in your country or while you’re in mine, message me quick, because I’m getting booked up!

are photoshoots worth the time and money? they seem expensive!

I hate to go all dr. suess on ya, but, “sometimes, you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”. images of you and your loved ones are so very important – don’t doubt it for one single second! they’re important because memories need preserving and people should be brought together. love needs to be celebrated. togetherness should be documented. people’s stories need telling. questions should be asked and love showcased! joy shouted to the world and laughter shown to every generation, while everyday moments are put up on the wall. no story is too insignificant to be documented and no love too small to be captured. I know shelling out a few hundred can be hard, but this isn’t something you do every day, or even every year – take time to prioritise memories + documentation, because you won’t ever regret it. so, after all that, if me and dr. suess haven’t convinced you, I guess I don’t know what will  

what will our couple's photoshoot look like?

whether you’re having an adventure session, an in-home session, or a roadtrip session, the idea is the same: enjoy each other, revel in your love, do what you love best and have a professional third wheel (aka, me) document it all. dependent on location, I like to put on some music, encourage lotsa moving around, get you to ask each other some questions, ask you some questions of my own, and maybe direct you into a pose and let you settle into it as you talk/cuddle/smooch/whisper sweet nothings. if you’re worried about formal/posed pictures, don’t worry, I gotcha covered. I will always take a few formal, facing-camera so that you’ve got something to give the grandparents! after we’ve done the session, I’ll wrap it up by showing you some back of the camera sneak peeks, and if you have time, finding the nearest coffee shop or place to eat some yummy food and we end those few hours laughin our butts off and having a fabulous time. and so that’s what your session will look like (but hey, I’m always up for something new, so if you wanna change it up: lesdoit)! if you have any more questions, or want to book in a session of your very own, contact me!

but we feel super uncomfortable in front of a camera (and strangers!). how can we make this work?

short answer: don’t even worry about it! long answer: lots of people feel uncomfortable in front of the camera and strangers, it’s totally understandable. but, what I like to do before we do a shoot is this: meet up for coffee/drinks so we can chat, get to know each other, have a bunch of laughs and so I can get a feel for the kinda lovebirds you are and you can tell me all about your love story! that way, we’re no longer strangers, hurrah! when we do the actual shoot, we almost always do it in a place that exciting or new or is special to you as a couple. then, sometimes I like to play music, get you to ask each other questions, direct your poses a little, let you have a dance party if you want to, and basically let you stare into each other’s eyes, cuddle and smooch for an hour. so, if you’ve ever thought that being in front of a camera or a stranger would be too scary or weird for you, I hope that smashes those fears outta the water! also, pro tip from your friendly neighbourhood couples photographer – your number one job during a photoshoot is to totally focus on each other. not too hard right? 

we already have wedding pictures! why would we need pictures of us as a couple afterwards?

wedding pictures are amazing, and I’m so, so, so glad you got images of one of the most beautiful, special days of your life! nothing can quite compare to the romantic, giggly, excited, nervous, madly-in-love moments captured on that wedding day, but after you’re married and after you’ve been together for a year or two or three or ten, your love grows, changes, and settles into place. your love is so much more familiar, so much more intimate and ten times more relaxed. there’s nothing your other half doesn’t know about you – you know what he eats for breakfast, how she plays with her hair when she’s reading a book, how he used to hate strawberry jam but now he loves it, what she likes for pizza toppings. your wedding pictures show your new love and your anniversary pictures show your familiar love. honestly, just you compare your wedding images to your anniversary images and I guarantee that you’ll see the beautiful, subtle (but totally obvious), and altogether lovely difference! you won’t regret it, not one bit!

do I have to dress up super fancy to have a photoshoot?

newsflash! you don’t! you can wear whatever the heck you want. of course, if you want to wear something super fancy that’s totally cool too! basically, wear whatever makes you comfortable and whatever makes you confident – you do you. what makes you feel most like yourself? wear that! unless it’s a iron man suit. then….er….maybe try applying to the nerd-marvel-lovin-jess. 😉

do you do prints + albums?

yes, I do! if you’re interested in an album or some lovely fine art prints with the images from the session/wedding you’ve had with me, I can definitely make that happen for you! they’re all priced in the “a la carte” section of the price list page I emailed you before you booked. if you can’t find it or have a few more questions, just email me!

“live in the sunshine. swim in the sea. drink the wild air